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Property Management Services

Spring Cleaning for the Exterior of a Home

Spring cleaning freshens and prepares our homes for the upcoming busy seasons of spring and summer. But what about the outside?

In Kiawah and Isle of Palms, we've had a warm, wet winter and you know what that means... pollen, mildew, mold. All contributing to itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and sneezing. Well guess what, they also affect the health of your home.

Removing pollen, salt-air residue, mildew, and mold off your home improves your health as well as the health and appearance of your home. Pressure Washing makes quick work of cleaning the outside of your home.

Are there any cracks in the paint? Flaking? Bubbling? The real question, is your exterior paint protecting your home from expensive repairs down the road? A fresh coat of high-quality paint on an exterior surface can decrease the risk of weather related damage that comes from exposure. A quality paint job can also help protect the home against insects.

Did you know glass is porous? Hard minerals, dirt, and salt-air residue collects over time, making windows fragile, cloudy, pigmented, and can accommodate microorganisms’ growth. In the end, that can ruin glass completely. So don’t just wipe them down from the inside once a year, get them cleaned, professionally.

Let’s make sure water is going where it’s supposed to; away from the foundation. Clogged, leaking gutters can also create mold and eventually rot.

Anything that is wood and outdoors, is going to take a beating and needs a good cleaning and some extra protection from time to time. Keep them strong and looking their best.

Examine your roof to see if there’s any problems that need attention. Look for:
- Torn or missing shingles
- Damage to flashing around chimneys, plumbing vents, or other openings
- Exposed nail heads
- Sand, leaves, sticks, bird droppings or other debris that has built up in the valleys or against chimneys, porches, or dormers

Clean and Repair Screens
Another way to keep allergies to a minimum and the bugs at bay is having screens cleaned at least twice a year. Filthy screens can be a two-fold issue: they actually attract more pollen and dust which will pop through with each breeze, and they are more easily damaged.

Summer-winter cycles and the daily routine of thousands of pounds of vehicles will damage it at some point. This damage will normally show up as small cracks or small divots. These signs of minor damage call for driveway repair before it becomes a replacement.

Whether you live in your home or if it’s managed as a vacation rental, it still needs the same attention. Are you or your property management company inspecting regularly to ensure your home is efficient and safe?

Things like mildew, mold, and rot can sneak up fast and start doing damage quickly. Let’s catch it sooner than later.

Our Work

Our team knows our Owners and homes very well, in fact, it’s required. Some of our workers have been with Lenny and Sweetgrass for more than 15 years. Owners have developed relationships with employees at Sweetgrass over the years. We find out about their families, likes, dislikes, hobbies, animals, etc.

Fresh, crisp sheets and high-quality linens are the norm at Sweetgrass Properties. We own and manage a cleaning service. We give our cleaners a strictly enforced,  comprehensive, home-specific checklist. Even the little details such as remote control  batteries, cabinet hinges, blind controls, etc., must be checked each time. Our cleaning program is not one size fits all. If you have specific requests, we can incorporate them. .
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We send an experienced technician into your home two times a month during your absence to check for anything unusual. Our technician sends a detailed report of their visit and findings to you within 24 hours. If there is an emergency, we will contact you and whomever else to get the issues resolved right away. (This is all for a monthly charge.)

We inspect walls, ceilings, floors, exterior, appliances, hot water and HVAC during every visit. We will also give you our honest, professional opinion on items that need attention in your home.

If you are an owner of a vacation home in the area and are interested in learning more about our property management services, follow this link to our New Owner Application