Checking In & Out

Checking in

We prepare personalized packages for upcoming guests, making the beginning of a vacation easy and pleasant.  We call the guests five to seven days before their arrival to answer any questions they may have, whether it be in regards to the house or the area. We also ask if the guests have special requests for their arrival; that way we can make sure everything  is absolutely perfect when they arrive. We use property specific lock boxes outside of each home so there is no need to check in at an office, and guests can go straight to the home after their commute to the island.  We also email instructions how to access each home and provide details regarding nearby amenities.  We want them to feel at home.
Checking out

Checking out with Sweetgrass doesn’t involve coming into our office, or dropping the keys off anywhere. Simply do the reverse of what you did to check in. Lock the door with the key from the lockbox outside, then replace the lockbox. That is all!

We do ask that you load and start the dishwasher, take off all bed sheets and leave in a pile in bedroom, collect dirty towels and place in piles in the bathroom (PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WET ITEMS IN WASHER), remove all trash and put in trash can outside, lock all doors and windows, clean out the refrigerator, leave house keys on kitchen table & lock door and put key in the lock box. These few steps help our housekeepers and inspectors get a head start getting the home ready for the next guests, just as we did for you!