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18 Oct 2023
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Things to Do

Fishing is off the hook in Isle of Palms during the fall season, with the island’s waterways teeming with redfish, flounder, Spanish mackerel, spotted trout, sheepshead, and more. And that’s just what you’ll catch inshore. 

Fish Inshore

Find your honey hole at one of the shallow bays and creeks. The mix of salt and freshwater in the region’s estuaries and creeks makes for incredible fishing opportunities. Cast around piers and jetties. Hit the tidal creeks, too. They make excellent spots for catching crabs, flounders, and spotted sea trout. Redfish are active during the cooler months.

When to Fish

When fishing the banks or creeks, fish at low tide. That’s when schools of fish gather in small areas searching for food. Check the tidal charts to find the time. Otherwise, mornings make the best time to get a hook in the water. 

Fish Offshore

Anglers can get a deep-sea fishing adventure without going way offshore. Artificial reefs dot the shoreline as close as three miles out, with fishermen reeling in cobra, amberjack, mani, grouper, and snapper. Take an offshore charter from the Isle of Palms Marina

Bait to Use

Fish with cut bait, shrimp, and live mud minnows for inshore and near-shore catches. Shrimp can be dead or live shrimp. Plastic lures can also be effective, especially offshore. The Marina Market sells bait or pick-up shrimp at a seafood market. 

Catch your Bait

Toss a small cast net for minnows, mullets, and small shrimp. Use the mullet for cut bait.

Get a License

Anyone 16 and over is required to have a South Carolina fishing license. Purchase a license online prior to your trip. Non-residents can get a one-day, seven-day, or annual saltwater license.  

Cook your Catch

Use that kitchen or grill at your vacation rental to cook up your catch. If you fish on a charter boat, the deckhands will usually clean and filet the fish for you (for an additional fee). It’s worth it. Your filets will be ready for seasoning like Old Bay and a quick flip on the grill. 

Dine on Seafood

If you don’t want to cook your own, head to one of the delicious seafood restaurants in town. Islander 71 at the Isle of Palms Marina prepares all your favorites. 

Ready to get that line wet?