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2 May 2022
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Things to Do

Now’s the time to make plans for surf camp. After all, we’re rolling into summer like a barrel wave. Check out ways surf camp takes your summer vacay to the next level.

Learn to Surf

Surfing is a sport to enjoy at any age, so let them start now! Salt Marsh Surf in Isle of Palms offers a Kids Summer Surf Program with two-hour daily sessions for a week for kids ages 8-16. Your kid won’t surf like Kelly Slater at the end of the week, but they’ll know the basics.

Gain Confidence

Sure they’ll wipeout when starting out, but there is nothing quite like the smile on a kid’s face when they catch their first wave. Learning to pop up on a board is a great confidence builder. Salt Marsh has a “surf contest” the last day for parents to watch and kids earn a prize.

Active Workout

Surfing is a full-body workout. Full stop. Your child will keep active without even realizing how much exercise they’re getting. Between the amount of swimming, paddling out and popping up on the board, they’ll get fit while enjoying a great summer activity.

Gear Is Provided

If you’ve ever bought expensive equipment so your kid could participate in a certain sport or activity, you know how important this is. If it turns out to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, it’s a low-cost investment. And here’s the good news: If they love it and want to fill your garage with boards, surfing is a fairly inexpensive sport.

Make Friends

What better way to make some friends while on vacation than by catching waves together? They’ll remember this summer for the rest of their lives, and each time they’ll think about who they experienced it with.

Improves Swimming

You have to be a good swimmer to surf so it will be a good way to strengthen your skills. If your kid has a fear of the ocean, surfing is an excellent way to help them overcome it with an experienced instructor in a safe environment.

It Teaches Patience

Surfing seems like a hard-core activity for adrenaline junkies. In reality, a lot of time is spent paddling out, sitting on a board and waiting for a wave. There is plenty of time during the lulls between sets of waves that allows surfers to watch the water, feel the wind and find their Zen.

Sunshine and Saltwater

All that exercise, Zen meditation, and Vitamin D is healthy for everyone!

Carolina Salt Surf on Folly Beach also offers Summer Surf Programs for ages 7-17 and Charleston Paddle Company provides lessons for all ages.

Sign up for surf camp or lessons during your Isle of Palms stay!